Convocatoria para el número especial de the IJCP – Categorization: Causes and Consequences


Compartimos con ustedes el anuncio de la convocatoria para un número especial de la revista International Journal of Comparative Psychology.


Call for submissions for a Special Issue of the International Journal of Comparative Psychology entitled Categorization: Causes and Consequences.

This special issue focuses on an evolutionary approach to categorization. The problem-solving nature of categorization will be illustrated in a variety of species, both vertebrate (including humans) and invertebrate, in a variety of ecologically relevant tasks. The individual papers may highlight the neurocognitive mechanisms or the functional significance of categorization.

The invitation to submit a paper to this special issue is open to everyone, including students. Review papers and empirical research papers will be considered.

Manuscripts to be considered for publication need to be submitted through IJCP’s portal:

Please follow submission instructions to expedite the review process:;view=submissionguidelines

Please contact Catherine Plowright ( if you are interested in submitting a manuscript.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: September 1st 2016.

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