Predictors of video game console aggression

VIDEOJUEGOS_AGRESIONTambién en el último número de la Revista Argentina de Ciencias del Comportamiento contamos con el siguiente artículo:

Predictors of video game console aggression
Anthony Martin Bean, Lauren Ferro


This study was designed to investigate the aggression levels of college students found in the Northeastern part of the United States following exposure to video games. The 59 participants played their assigned game, Mortal Kombat on Nintendo Wii or Halo 2 on the Xbox, for 45 minutes with a partner. The researchers employed twelve t-tests (alpha adjusted to .004) and three multiple linear regressions to explore the difference of aggression levels in gender, violent video game, and predictors of aggression. Results showed no aggression differences in all twelve t-tests for the three aggression variables (physical, verbal, and general) pre and post-tests for gender or violent video game played. Additionally, there was no support found suggesting the violent video games, gender, and time spent playing video games caused aggression as previously touted by past researchers. In fact, the only significance found for predicting aggression were the pre-aggression scores in all three areas of measured aggression suggesting a need for proper control of variables and that aggression may be preexisting within the individual rather than caused by violent video game play.

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