Joint Meeting of the ISCP and the ALG 2016

Dear all,

We are currently accepting abstracts for research talks and posters for the combined International Society for Comparative Psychology (ISCP) and Australian Learning Group (ALG) conference at the University of Sydney on the 14-16th July, 2016.


ISCP: 18th Meeting of the International Society for Comparative Psychology.




ALG: 4th International Meeting of the Australian Learning Group



The Australian Learning Group and the International Society for Comparative Psychology have both developed reputations for holding successful, productive, fun, and intimate meetings over the last decades.

We would like to invite abstracts for talks from research in animal behavior, conditioning, associative learning, cognition, behavioural neuroscience, biological psychology, evolutionary psychology and comparative psychology.

We are also still accepting proposals for themed symposia on these topics.

Please note that the deadline for Abstract Submission is Monday 30th of May, 2016, so that we may publish the conference programme.

Also note, at this stage, all abstract and symposium submissions from International delegates will be accepted so that flights and accomodation can be booked in advance.

Please go to the following website for information on abstract submission and accomodation for the conference.

I look forward to seeing you in Sydney in July.

Kind regards,
Ian Johnston
School of Psychology
Room 454,
Christopher Brennan Building, A18
The University of Sydney, NSW 2006

t: +61 2 9351 4353
f: +61 2 9351 2603



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